Zelda Ring Triforce Nintendo Video Game 8Bit Wedding Ring Engagement ring Geeky Nerdy Cosplay Nintendo Custom made Band and Matching band

This model includes a ring and matching band.

► Stones I used in this model are CZ (Cubic Zirconia) Lab Stones.
You can choose one of these options:
1- CZ LAB Sapphire stone (Dark Blue color)
2- CZ LAB Emerald stone (Green color)
3- CZ LAB Diamond (White color)
4- CZ LAB Ruby/Garnet stone (Red color)

► Stone sizes:
- Triforce band: 
3mm Center stone (1 time)
2mm Side stones (2 times)
1mm Triforce stones (3 times)

- Matching band:
4mm Center stone (1 time)
2mm Side stones (2 times)

If you need special stones or other type of stones please let me know. I am able to use different type of stones, but it may have extra cost. Contact me for more information.

► Glorious Zelda inspired ring with Matching band and Cubic Zirconia stones (model number #RZ000009C) is available in Silver Sterling 925, Brass, Bronze and White/Yellow Gold 14K

This beautiful ring has been inspired from the amazing Nintendo game, Legend of Zelda which so many of us have great memories of it. It can be a great wedding, Engagement or Promise ring for the couples who knows this amazing game.

► Before Purchase contact me and double check your order with me and read my shop policies.

► Model is "Custom made" and needs 1-4 weeks for manufacturing

► Ring weight in Silver .925 size 13US is:
Triforce ring: almost 5 grams
Matching band: almost 4 grams
Both rings together in silver .925 size 13US are: 5g + 4g = 9grams

► Ring size in this price is available from 3US to 13US
If you need other ring sizes send me a message. It may have extra cost.

► Ring dimension: 
Triforce ring: on top 8mm , at the bottom 4mm
Matching band: on top 4.6 mm , at the bottom 3mm
Both rings together: on top 12.6mm , at the bottom 7mm

► Metal types are available:
1- Both rings Silver 925 / White
2- Triforce ring/Brass, Yellow color + Band/Silver 925, White color
3- Triforce ring/Silver 925, White color + Band/Brass, Yellow color
4- Triforce ring/Yellow Gold 14K + Band/White Gold 14K
5- Triforce ring/White Gold 14K + Band/Yellow Gold 14K
6- Both ring White Gold 14K

Colors of parts can change. Let me know what type of metal you would like to have

► Metal types are available:
1- Silver Sterling .925 / White metal
2- Brass / Yellow metal
3- Bronze / Red metal
4- Gold 14K / White metal
5- Gold 14K / Yellow metal

- For silver models, Oxidized or without oxidized

Watch model on youtube:

► We use:
1- GLOBAL EXPRESS with Tracking number. The shipping time is between 1 to 30 Business days. (depends of distance, busy working days and holidays)
2- DHL EXPRESS with Tracking number. The shipping time is between 1 to 7 Business days. (depends of busy working days and holidays)

► If you want to change the model, Add something to the model, If you have new idea for making, Or you want to order a custom model, just send me message and let me know about your thoughts. All I need is a very simple sketch/hand drawing or a sample image. Making new models, editing and changing have extra costs. I will let you know when you contact me.

► I am able to change the metal and stone colors in the way you like. If you didn't find your desired colors in my model images, let me know. I can prepare a simulation of finished product and let you know how the final product will come if you change the colors.

This model is custom made to order by me. If you like the model, just send me a message and feel free to ask your questions.

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Zelda Triforce with Navy Matching Band, Nintendo Video Game 8Bit Geeky Nerdy

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