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■ Gold plating is a thin layer of real gold on other metal. You need to take care of jewelry with gold plating. If you take care of Gold plated jewelry it can stay for a long time, even a year. But if you scratch it with sharp things, wahs the jewelry with chemical materials, taking shower can affect the jewelry and gold plating can disappear.


Brass and Bronze have cooper inside and they can affect some skins and make green sign. Taking shower with jewelry, using creams on skin and wearing jewelry can cause such a situation. The green color is completely harmless.

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We guarantee the structural integrity of a jewelry piece under the conditions of normal wear against the defects of the craftsmanship. Regular maintenance (cleaning, polishing, re-applying rhodium, etc) is a customer's responsibility and can be done at a local jewelry store. We do not warranty gems against cracks, chips, breakage, or loss.


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